This project has been cancelled, for reasons that follow.

Firstly, I mainly made this program to learn how to program in C#, which I have now. I am not claiming to be a C# expert. But I have gotten a feel for the language and what it can do.

During my university studies I learned some rudimentary functional programming (FP). However, I never really got to know the paradigm properly. At the time, I could see that FP might have great potential, but felt unsure how useful it really was. Thus I promised myself, that I would later investigate the paradigm more thoroughly. I decided to do that by starting the AutoForms project. However, starting a new project leaves little time for C#Shell. And this was one more reason for cancelling C#Shell.

Thirdly, the basic idea is not as good as I first thought. The benefits of an interactive interpreter is to test APIs and it can also be very useful when doing large numeric computations. The former benefit is not as necessary in C#, as the APIs are generally well documented, the latter is only appliacble when doing numeric application. It is not that the benefits are not there, they are just not as important as in for example Matlab, which is used almost exclusively for numerical applications. I still believe, this could be developed into a nice application. However the application is not as important as I first thought.

In light of the third point, the code base have also been moved towards supporting other programming languages.

If anybody wants to continue this project, feel free to email me.

Below follows the original website:

Original website

C#Shell is an interactive interpreter where you can easily try a piece of C# code. It uses MCS from the Mono project to do the actual compilation, but to the user it looks like a C# interpreter.

If you want to try it download the newest binary copy and extract the tar.gz file. After extraction you should simply execute bin/CSharpShell.exe and it should run. The program is self explanatory.

C#Shell has only been tested on Linux and do not expect it to work anywhere else.

This program is still in the early stages of development, so expect a little trouble.

Links to further information are shown below.


Autodoc documentation
Task list


The author of this program is Mads LindstrÝm.