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Todo List

Class AboutDialog
Make it so that the link can be clicked.

Class AboutDialog
Better graphics.

Class AutoCompletion
Auto-complete filenames and variables which are used without #-sign.

Member AutoCompletion::typeMatch
Find a better name

Member DllAndNamespaceHandling::_defaultDlls
Should read some mono config file instead of hardcoding them.

Class GtkGui
Create a ListView which is similar to TreeView, except that it only can be used for lists. It should implement similar behaviour to ArrayList.

Member GtkGui::Quit ()
Should probably call delete on all windows before calling Application.Quit(). However, be aware that different window classes calls this methods. Therefore avoid a newer ending loop of calls. It is only important to delete all windows here, if the hole application does not quit when this method is called. The application currently does. Maybe just delete the parent and Gtk will delete all child windows.

Class Indentor
Handle block comments better.

Class ProjectSettingsWindow
Should remember the windows size.

Class Shell
Make normal load/save behaviour. That is, when just write save the program should use the last save filename (if not exist then CSharpShell.dat). If no sirname .dat should be automatically added.

Member Shell::ExecuteUserCode (string code)
Report error that mcs do newer use stderror. Even if an input file do not exist.

Member Shell::InvokeExecuteUserCodeMethod (string fileName)
missing standard input, currently we just use the console when invoking user code.

Class ShellWindow
Make sure that commandSourceEditor has the focus most of the time. But glade-2 focusTarget and CanFocus properties do not seem to work as I would expect. Also see MakeOutputTextView function for trying to recieve events awhen the outputTextView is focused. But this do not seem to work either.

Member ShellWindow::ExecButtonThread ()
Do not consider what happens if Quit is called while the execbuttonthread are executing.

Member ShellWindow::MakeMenu ()
To do the cut/copy/paste/delete menu, find some suitable example on the internet. Maybe ask GTK-sharp list for info.

Member ShellWindow::OnVerticalMoveHandleEvent (object o, MoveHandleArgs args)
Figure why it do not catch any events.

Member ShellWindow::OnWindowResizeEvent (object o, EventArgs args)
Figure out why this eventhandler is called so many times. Propably need to email mono-devel list. Have email gtk-sharp devel list.

Member ShellWindow::Quit ()
Lines below needs to be removed when we figure out the OnVerticalMoveHandleEvent-stuff.

Member ShellWindow::RecallPanes ()
Do not work properly. The problem is that the window resizing does not occur emiediately, so we have to wait for it to occur before we can set the pane position properly. This properly do not happen before Application.Run() are calle.

Member ShellWindow::fontDescription
The font used should not be hardcoded.

Member ShellWindow::fontDescription
Consider if we should use the same font in all of the application.

Member Util::Checkpoint ()
Test method.

Member Util::CompareArrayLists (ArrayList first, ArrayList second)
Test method.

Member Util::IsRelative (string path)
Test method

Member Util::IsRootPath (string path)
Test method

Member Util::Load (string filename, IReferenceSaveSerializable o)
Test method.

Member Util::RemoveSirname (string fileName)
Consider if this function should throw an exception, if the file do not contain a dot.

Member Util::Save (string filename, IReferenceSaveSerializable o)
Test method.

Member Util::TraversePath (string currentPath, string relativePath)
Test method Logo