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IndentorLexer Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 IndentorLexer ()
 IndentorLexer (ErrorHandler eh)
 IndentorLexer (Tokens tks)

Private Member Functions

internal void Initialize ()
internal void Push (State state)
internal void Pop ()
internal void AddLine ()
internal void SetLexerState ()
internal State PeekTopState ()
internal int Get2ndIndentationLevel ()
internal int Column ()

Private Attributes

System.Collections.Stack stateStack = new System.Collections.Stack()
internal int indentCurrentLine = 0
internal string currentLine = ""
internal string indentedCode = ""

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IndentorLexer::IndentorLexer  )  [inline]

IndentorLexer::IndentorLexer ErrorHandler  eh  )  [inline]

IndentorLexer::IndentorLexer Tokens  tks  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

internal void IndentorLexer::AddLine  )  [inline, private]

internal int IndentorLexer::Column  )  [inline, private]

internal int IndentorLexer::Get2ndIndentationLevel  )  [inline, private]

internal void IndentorLexer::Initialize  )  [inline, private]

internal State IndentorLexer::PeekTopState  )  [inline, private]

internal void IndentorLexer::Pop  )  [inline, private]

internal void IndentorLexer::Push State  state  )  [inline, private]

internal void IndentorLexer::SetLexerState  )  [inline, private]

Member Data Documentation

internal string IndentorLexer::currentLine = "" [private]

internal int IndentorLexer::indentCurrentLine = 0 [private]

internal string IndentorLexer::indentedCode = "" [private]

System.Collections.Stack IndentorLexer::stateStack = new System.Collections.Stack() [private]

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